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California: San Diego – La Jolla and Balboa Park

San Diego is only an hour drive from Carlsbad, where we stayed. So Roger often took us there for lovely dinners with a view on the skyline, drinks in the gaslight district, shopping malls and the beaches at sunset. We also went to La Jolla and Balboa park and I wanted to share a little photo report of our visits, because those places are beautiful.

La Jolla

My cousin Roger took us to La Jolla, San Diego, because we wanted to see the sea lions. We got what we wanted, we smelled them before we even heard or saw them (ew!), but to see them laying around there sunbathing, swimming in the Pacific Ocean is amazing. Some of them had baby sea lions (I just Googled and I found out they’re called pups, so cute!). After checking out the sea lions we walked along the shore and enjoyed the picture perfect views. While we walked to Ja Jolla Cove, a small, picturesque cove and beach that is surrounded by cliffs, we saw nesting birds and some squirrels.

Balboa Park

My favorite park for sure. We went there once in the evening to see the fountains and the buildings lightened up, which was gorgeous, but I remembered the place from when I was there 5 years ago, with the blue skies and all the colorful flowers, so I convinced everybody to go back there to take some pictures in daylight. I’m so glad we did:

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    Wat een prachtige foto’s van neen geweldige vakantie mop xxx

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