• pumkinspicemuffins01

    Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Muffins

    Ever since I’ve been to the States in fall 2012, I’ve been obsessed with everything pumpkin spiced. Thankfully there’s more American stuff available in The Netherlands every year, so when I’ve found…

  • fallitems01

    My 5 favorite items for Fall

    Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love sunshine, fresh smoothies, shorts and skirts, but I’m kinda done with it. Since I’m pregnant I can’t really tolerate the heat as…

  • namepainting_joya02

    Name Painting: Joya

    Time to share another namepainting. I made this one for friends of us and their beautiful baby girl Joya. It’s 8 x 8″, used scrapbooking paper, vintage buttons, washi and Project Life…

  • tmc02

    Recipe: Tropical Mugcake

    What you need for 1 cake: 1 ripe banana 1 egg 3 tbsp oatmeal 1 tbsp broken flax seeds 1 tbsp coconut grater What you need for the topping: 3 tbsp low-fat…

  • outfit12

    Maternity outfit: Ready for fall

    When Shannon comes over, we always do a little photoshoot. This time it was a perfect oppurtunity to photograph my little preggo belly, since it’s finally been growing a little! Outfit details:…

  • preggo

    Baby on the way!

    Hi everybody, today I want to share some exciting news with you all. Wouter and I will be a mom and dad in february! Right now I’m 19 weeks pregnant and next…

  • film12

    Life on film: Lomo Fisheye #01

    So a couple of months ago I decided I wanted to go back into analog photography. I’ve had a Lomo camera, a Nikon F50 (which I had to leave in the States…

  • 01

    Road tripping in Tuscany, Italy

      For our first vacation four years ago, Wouter and I took the car and drove all the way to Italy. We rented an apartment in Montaione, right in the middle of…

  • theshard04

    Hotspot: Aqua Shard, London

    Every citytrip we do, we find the highest point in the city and enjoy a breathtaking view. When you’re in London, the tallest building is The Shard and you’ll have to pay…

  • pasta01

    Recipe: Creamy spinach pasta

    Sometimes I don’t feel like eating a light and very healthy meal. I crave something hearty, creamy and buttery. So I just make it. This time I tried something new and we…

  • Pip02

    Meet Pip!

    Good morning! It’s been a while.. I’ve been super busy with work and living with a little pup, that kinda took all my energy lol. So let me introduce you to our…

  • pinkoats

    Recipe: Pink Oatmeal

    Since our Dutch summer isn’t feeling like summer at all, I’m craving warm breakfasts. Making it pink kinda makes up for the rain, adding a golden kiwi makes it even more sunnier.…

  • italy01

    Travel report: Lake Iseo, Italy

    For this years vacation we decided to go to Lake Iseo, Italy. So we packed our car and went for a 12 hour ride to northern Italy. I always love a good…

  • JA04

    London Hotspot: J+A Café

    On our last day in London we were looking for a nice place to have lunch after walking all morning. I looked up a cute looking cafe in my little book and…

  • breakfastburrito02

    Recipe: Breakfast Burrito

    Almost 4 years ago I went on a 5 week vacation to the United States of America, where I stayed with family in California. My cousin lives in San Diego and they…

  • london57

    A long weekend in London, day 4

    Our fourth day in London started with a really fancy breakfast at Aqua Shard in The Shard, a skyscraper in Southawk. We sat down at a window seat and enjoyed the beautiful…

  • Dalloway01

    London Hotspot: Dalloway Terrace

    On our first day in London, we were looking for a nice restaurant near to our hotel in Bloomsbury, London’s literary centre. So we looked it up on Trip Adviser and we’ve…

  • sw01

    Recipe: Stuffed sweet potato

    I’ve been looking all over the interwebs for vegan recipes, but never found the perfect dish. So I combined some recipes and came up with this chickpea stuffed sweet potato recipe. Wouter…