• 10-dagen-in-new-york-NYC-08

    10 days in New York City

    A couple of years ago I’ve been to New York City for 10 days, with 3 friends. 10 days in a city seems like a long time, but in NYC it wasn’t…

  • WK52B

    Project Life 2017 4/4

    Good morning, today I want to share the last part of my Project Life with you. I finaly finished it! Project Life is a way to document your life. Every sunday evening…

  • chai-tea-latte-vanilla-recipe-dainty-dream-02

    Chai tea soy vanilla latte

    During winter I love hot drinks, but oh well, who doesn’t? But sometimes I’ve had a cup of coffee too many and I want something else. Then I like to make this…

  • Terugblik op 2017

    Looking back at my 2017

    Wow, 2017 has flown by! First of all, I want to wish you all a very happy 2018, may all your wishes come true. I hope you’ll find your way back to…

  • winter-to-do-list

    My winter to do list

    Like every year I have a to-do list for the winter time. I don’t like winter, so I try to enjoy it more with this list. Most of the things on the…

  • Pumpkin Spice recept

    Make you own Pumpkin Spice mix

    When I was traveling through the States and discovered pumpkin spice everything, I was sold. Now every time I get a PSL at Starbucks it reminds me of my trip. I was…

  • daintystudio-kerstkaart-zaans-huisje-zaandam

    The Studio: Christmas card

    For my recent project, Little Green Houses, I’m constantly painting the iconic little green houses and windmills my hometown, Zaandam is known for. So when Christmas was coming up, I decided to…

  • WK32B

    Project Life 2017 3/4

    Good morning, today I want to share the second part of my Project Life with you. Project Life is a way to document your life. Every sunday evening I make a weekly…

  • Dainty-Dream-Pumpkin-Soup-Recipe-Pompoensoep-Recept

    Coconut pumpkin soup recipe

    This is seriously my favorite soup recipe lately. Pumpkin is obviously a must in fall, but the combination with coconut makes it soft and creamy as well! What you need: 400 grams…

  • Hotspot-Praag-Prague-Praha-Vegan-Moment-01

    Vegan Hotspot: Moment Prague

    When I was in Prague with my girl girl Lydia, she took us to Moment, a bistro with a vegan menu. I wasn’t really into eating vegan yet, but I like to…

  • name-painting-naamschilderijtje-geboortegeschenk-Miles-03

    Name Painting: Miles

    It’s been a while since I’ve shared a name painting here. Thankfully I’m still busy making them, I really liked this one because it’s a bit autumnal, so I wanted to share…

  • Books-boeken-herfst-fall-autumn-TBR

    Autumnal book recommendations

    Rainy and cold days make me want to curl up under a blanket on the couch and read for days. Having a baby isn’t really helping with that, but I read when…

  • recept-recipe-warm-pompoen-pumpkin-smoothie-02

    Warm pumpkin smoothie

    On rainy days in the fall, I love to get cozy on the couch with a hot drink. Usually that’s a vanilla latte by Wouter or hot chocolate with to much whipped…

  • vegan-chili-tacos-recipe-recept-veganistisch-02

    Vegan Chili Tacos

    I lovvee Mexican food! Since I’ve been eating vegan I’ve been trying out different taco recipes and this is one of my favorites. Ingredients for 6 tacos 1 tbsp coconut oil 6…

  • treehouse-boomhut-France-Frankrijk-01

    Treehouse in France + tips

    Last month, Wouter, Zoey and I finally striped something off our bucket list: sleeping in a tree house. When we were planning our trip to France we were looking for a place…

  • Cactus-Pots-DIY-paint-01

    DIY: Painted planters.

    Painting planters was on my to-do list for a long time. My Pinterest DIY board was full of it. So finally I found the time to go to the gardening center and…

  • Vegan-BBQ-Chicken-Pizza-Recipe-03

    Vegan BBQ chicken pizza

    When I was doing my vegan challenge, I had a movie night planned with friends. Usually we order some pizzas (with lots of cheese and salami) for dinner, but this time I…

  • Dainty-Dream-Lifestyle-travel-blog-citytrip-Dublin-14

    Dutchies in Dublin video

    Usually I try to make a little video of every trip I do, but since making videos isn’t in my system as much as making photos, I often forget about it. When…

  • Cocktail-Recipe-Apple-Cider-02

    Cider tequila cocktail

    Since I’m not pregnant anymore I wanted to share some cocktail recipes with you! I’m not a big drinker, but I do like a cocktail from time to time and I always…

  • Peek-Streetfood-Texel-Hotspot-01

    Hotspot: Peek Streetfood bar Texel

    Last month Wouter, Zoey and I visited my parents in law while they were on a little vacation on Texel, one of the Dutch islands. Like always, I did some online research…

  • Trek-foodtruck-festival-Amsterdam-Vegan-Challange-Blog-12

    Trek festival Amsterdam

    Oh how I love the festival season. Especially the foodtruck festivals, because I love to eat, lol. Last week I went to Trek Festival in Amsterdam with a group of girls and…