Tastea Energy Boost + Kortingscode

    Als echte theeleut, koffie lust ik alleen met siroopjes, opgeschuimde (amandel)melk en slagroom, kon ik het aanbod om Tastea thee uit te proberen natuurlijk niet afslaan! Toen ik een smaakje ging uitzoeken…

  • Lois02

    Naamschilderij Lois

    Alweer bijna een jaar geleden maakte ik voor de dochter van vriendinnetje Melissa dit naamschilderijtje en ik kwam erachter dat ik deze nooit heb gedeeld op The Dainty Dream, dus bij deze.…

  • zoeystyle08

    Zoey’s favoriete outfits #1

    Het leek mij leuk om af en toe baby outfits te delen die Zoey vaak draagt, ook om later terug te zien. Vandaag deel 1! Ze draagt nu maat 50 en dat…

  • elleaime02

    Elle Aime tekent box resultaten

    Vorige maand bestelde ik de Elle Aime tekent box en de unboxing kun je hier vinden. Ondanks dat ik het een super leuk idee vind en ik de inhoud helemaal leuk vond…

  • sanclemente03

    California: San Clemente

    When I was in California I stayed at my aunt and uncle’s place for a few days. My aunt took me shopping at a swap meet and at a mall, they made…

  • bloemkoolsoep02

    Cauliflower soup

    Sometimes all you need is a warm bowl of soup, like this cauliflower soup. It’s super healthy and easy to make, so I had to share the recipe! What you need: 2-3…

  • PL07A

    Project Life 2017 1/4

    Like every year, I’m doing Project Life again for 2017. I just love flipping through my Project Life books and see all the wonderful little moments I would’ve forgotten otherwise. Lately I…

  • eihouder01

    DIY: Egg holders

    Every year we’re looking for egg holders and find out we have none. This year I thought about it a bit earlier than Easter morning, so I set out to find myself…

  • fotoopalu02

    Around the house: April

    It’s spring! So all the Christmas stuff is boxed op on the attic and plants are back into our home. I also took down all the cards for Zoey and placed them…

  • namepainting_Jake01

    Name painting: Jake

    This time I want to share a name painting I made for a newborn boy! Made on a 8×8″ canvas, with different types of paper, vintage buttons, ink and hand cut letters…

  • tropicaltiramisu01

    Recipe: Tropical Tiramisu

    Tiramisu is always a good idea. Especially this tropical tiramisu. Perfect for summer, after a barbecue or for easter! I made this dessert for Easter because of the color, and it was…

  • ZoeyRose-7

    Zoey’s newborn shoot

    I’ve know from the moment we found out I was pregnant, we wanted to do a newborn shoot of our little girl. Last week it was finally time for the photoshoot! The…

  • cashewpesto02

    Creamy Cashew Pesto

    This delicious creamy pesto is perfect to use in a pasta dish, but it’s also perfect as a spread on toast or rice cakes or to dip veggies in. Multifunctional! This recipe…

  • sandiego11

    California: San Diego

    Honestly, I just want to go back here and take a lot of photos, because going through the ones I made four years ago, I so regret not taking more! There’s so…

  • kokosmakronen

    Sugarfree coconut cookies

    I love to make (and eat!) these. When I had a bottle of Two Chicks egg whites, I know right away that I wanted to make these cookies. Usually I make these…

  • zoey01

    Zoey Rose

    Hey guys, I want to introduce a little somebody today. It’s time to meet our daughter, Zoey Rose, or just Zoey. On Valentine’s Day I gave birth to this little girl after…

  • namepainting_Keano02

    Name Painting: Keano

    This time I want to share a name painting I made for a newborn boy! Made on a 8×8″ canvas, with different types of paper, vintage buttons, ink and hand cut letters…

  • creamysmoothiebowl02

    Creamy Green Smoothie Bowl

    It’s time to share a recipe for one of my favorite ways to have breakfast: a smoothie bowl. This time it’s a pretty green one and it’s super creamy! Not just with…

  • la20

    California: Los Angeles

    After our day in Disneyland, Anaheim, we got op early to do a Los Angeles tour! We saw lots of buildings and other scenery from different kinds of movies, we passed Kat…

  • the-prickly-sunset

    Painting: The Prickly Sunset

    This 12×12″ acrylic painting is inspired by the beautiful sunsets I see so often through my studio window and my love of cacti. I had a lot of fun making this and…