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  • Cocktails, Recipes

    Appeltaart cocktail

    Afgelopen weekend ben ik gaan experimenteren om een herfstige cocktail te maken. En eerlijk, ik ben best trots op deze. De smaak zoals de titel van deze blogpost al zegt is net…

  • Cocktails, Recipes

    The Amarula Dream Cocktail

    When I received a bottle of Amarula, I couldn’t wait to try it. It was Tuesday morning, so I had to wait a bit, lol. On Friday afternoon it was finally time,…

  • Cocktails, Recipes

    Bubbly Limoncello Cocktail

    Last weekend I was in Naples, Italy with a friend and every day we drank a homemade limoncello as a dessert. Limoncello is delicious to drink by itself, but it’s also really…

  • Cocktails, Recipes

    Cider tequila cocktail

    Since I’m not pregnant anymore I wanted to share some cocktail recipes with you! I’m not a big drinker, but I do like a cocktail from time to time and I always…