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Bubbly Limoncello Cocktail

Last weekend I was in Naples, Italy with a friend and every day we drank a homemade limoncello as a dessert. Limoncello is delicious to drink by itself, but it’s also really tasty in a refreshing cocktail. A lot of times I find Limoncello a bit to sweet for my taste, so I came up with a recipe that’s perfectly refreshing on a hot summer’s day and a little less sweet.

Limoncello is made from lemons that come from Costa Amalfitana and Sorrento only, other lemon liquers with the same recipe, but different lemons are called “liquore di limone“, or have names like limonello, lemone or limonito. The other ingredients in Limoncello are sugar, alcohol and water. They say it’s super easy to make Limoncello yourself. They carefully cut only the outer yellow part the peel (so not the white part) and put this in alcohol for a week. Then they add water and sugar to the lemon mixture. Maybe a fun thing to try one day.

Did you know that you’ll need at least 250 grams of lemon peel to make 1 liter of Limoncello?

What you need per glass:

  • 30 ml good limoncello, like Pallini
  • 20 ml wodka
  • 2 ice cubes
  • 2 blackberries of raspberries
  • 100 ml sparkling water
  • 1 lemonslice as garnish
  • A paper straw


  1. Keep your limoncello in the freezer
  2. Grab a pretty glass and put two ice cubes in it.
  3. Pour the Limoncello and wodka over the ice cubes and top the glass of with sparkling water.
  4. Add the fruit as a garnish (they’ll soak up the drink, so you’ll have a little dessert when you’ve drank all of it)
  5. Stir with the straw and put a slice of lemon on the glass.


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