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Nevada: Hooverdam

The start of our RV trip! We started our trip in San Diego and we planned to camp at an RV park in Las Vegas, on our way there we stopped at the famous Hooverdam.

The Hoover Dam is right on the border of Arizona and Nevada. It’s built in the 30’s at 50 km from Vegas. When you peek over the edge, you’ll see the Colorado River flowing 200 meters below you. It’s one of the seven industrial wonders of the United States and is more than 200 meters wide at the bottom and 15 at the top. The Hoover Dam contains enough concrete to build 3000 miles of road – a full sized highway from one and of the United States to the other. It’s the second highest dam in the USA and generates enough energy to serve over a million people.

We only stopped there for a short while, but enough to take some pictures in the heat!

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