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Hotspot: Sugo, Amsterdam

sugo02A while ago, I went to Sugo in Rotterdam for a delicious lunch with one of my friends Michelle, from Studentenvoer. I’ve heard a lot about this place with it’s healthier pizzas. They use a dough made of a special type of organic flour based of wheat and spelt, it’s full of protein and low on carbs. The dough has 80% less yeast in it and rises for 72 hours after kneading it. This is why the crust is crispy on the bottom and airy on the inside, which makes it easier to digest. Sounds amazing right?

I got the opportunity to try out almost all of their flavors and that’s what I did! I also tried out all desserts afterwards and everything was super tasty! And indeed, the nasty feeling I usually get after eating a pizza didn’t occur this time, I was stuffed though haha!

These were my favorites

Truffle and potato:

And this one is the most popular, I get why!

Pizza salami is always a good idea!

In the end all flavors were amazing, but these ones I liked best. There are also enough vegetarian and even a vegan option. I had a lovely organic juice and a big cup of tea on the side, perfect!

Oh and don’t forget a dessert:

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