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Hotspot: De Hallen, Amsterdam

On Valentines Day, the Mister and I went to De Hallen in Amsterdam for lunch. It’s a ‘new’ foodspot with lots of tiny restaurants in one cool building. Very hipster, lol. We’ve heard a lot of good things about it, so we couldn’t wait to go there, because we love food! I took my camera, so I can share all the good stuff.

After we walked around to check out all the different food stands, we finally decided what we wanted to get. We wanted to taste different things, so we shared everything, so we could eat more, lol! Check out what we got:
Iberico ham, nom nom!

Quinoa sushi

A quinoa sushi roll with salmon, avocado and wasabi, an Iberico ham sandwich and a smoothie!




A delicious entrecote burger with a pesto butter sauce.

I couldn’t pick one, so we tasted the carrot cake and the lemon cake. So good!

I would recommend to go there on a saturday, because then there’s a really cool market outside. We went a bit early, 12 p.m., so it wasn’t really crowded yet. Enough place to sit down and no lines, perfect. We spend about 2,5 hours there just eating and drinking different things. There’s so much choice, I definitely want to go back and taste more!

De Hallen
Hannie Dankbaar Passage 33
1053 RT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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