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California – South Lake Tahoe

From Bryce Canyon we had a full day of driving through the middle of nowhere ahead of us. After driving for 8 hours we finally arrived in Fallon, where we spent the night to get some rest. The next morning we left early for the final stretch to South Lake Tahoe, a city on the border of Nevada and California. We stayed on Tahoe Valley Campground with our RV and from there we took a trolley to go to the lake. Unfortunately it was the last trolley that day and we had to walk back for 1,5 hours, but it was worth it. The hike back had some wonderful views and we went to a TK Maxx for a bit of shopping. At the lake we swam a bit, with a lot of other people. There were a lot of boats on the lake and a lot of people picknicking on the shore. Once we finally made it back home at the RV Roger already made us dinner. Nice.

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