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Treehouse in France + tips

Last month, Wouter, Zoey and I finally striped something off our bucket list: sleeping in a tree house. When we were planning our trip to France we were looking for a place to stay in Brittany. Wouter stumbled upon Hébergements Insolites de Quénécan, where you van sleep in a tree house. I knew right away that this was going to be the place to stay, so we booked a family tree house.

After two nights in a luxe hotel in Broglie, Normandy we drove to Brittany, where we went into the forest to sleep in a tree house. When we arrived at the reception they told us to follow the golf-cart to our tree house. It was a pretty long and bumpy drive to get there, but when we finally arrived we were amazed by the view. So cool to see a house hanging up in the trees!





With a spiral staircase we climbed up along one tree, then took a hanging bridge to the other tree, where our tree house was situated. It was a bit of a deal with all of our luggage and Zoey, but it was worth it. Inside the tree-house there’s a sitting area, a bunk bed and a loft area with a queen sized bed. There were plenty of candles to light up the house and a patrol heater to warm up in the evenings. There’s a pretty big balcony outside with a table and chairs to enjoy the beautiful view over the forest and the lake.



Because we booked the family tree house, we had enough space for Zoey’s camping bed. Unfortunately it got a little too cold at night, so the rest of the days she slept in her stroller next to us. We used her camping bed as a play pen during the days.

Despite that it all seems super fun and adventurous, we did have some issues. I’d like to share them with you with some tips on how to make sure your tree house adventure will be as much fun as ours.

  • Most tree house don’t have gas, water and electricity. That’s not really practical, especially with a baby. We had to make warm bottles of milk for her. Thankfully we could borrow a camping gas kit and we used a thermos bottle to keep the water warm.
  • Toilets and showers were situated at the reception, 3 km away. In tree house was a compost toilet which you flush with wood chips. You can imagine we didn’t do ‘number two’ in there. We took every opportunity to go to the bathroom when we were visiting nearby cities. It’s also convenient to bring lots of baby wipes to wash yourself a bit.
  • A forest is often a bit colder than a city or beach and because we were near the Atlantic coast it got pretty cold in the evenings. Bring warm clothes and warm pajamas for your kid(s).
  • Bring a good Ledlight. There were plenty of candles, but they didn’t really light up the room. And because you don’t have electricity you don’t want to use your phone too much, but reading with candle light gave me a headache.
  • Bring lots of bottles with water. Not just for drinking, but also to cook with, clean dishes or baby bottles, wash yourself and make tea.
  • Pack minimalistic, you really don’t want to walk over a wobbly high suspension bridge with a heavy suitcase.
  • Bring

Maybe it sounds a bit tough, but eventually it was so worth it. It was a super fun experience and a real adventure. There are more luxurious tree houses out there (with hot tubs, dish washers and rain showers, lol) but living this primitive for a while only makes you appreciate a hot shower even more 🙂

Hébergements Insolites de Quénécan

When we were visiting, there was only one tree house available, one was just broken down and they were building another one, there are also cute little lake houses and a house on poles:





We had a great vacation and we made lots of fun memories, even though it wasn’t really practical with a baby and we didn’t have nice weather, we will always remember our little tree house adventure.

Did you ever sleep in a tree house? I’m really curious what your experience was! My dream is to sleep in a luxurious tree house next!


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