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Race Report: Nike Women’s Run, Amsterdam

Finally, I got some time to sit down and tell you all about my experience during the Nike Women’s Run in Amsterdam (10 KM). I signed up for this run, because last years pictures were super fun and I always wanted to run under the Rijksmuseum and finish in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.

I made sure I didn’t have any plans during the day, so I could just relax and enjoy some rest with the Mister. I decided to there early, right after dinner, because I got a bit nervous. I don’t really know why, because I’m perfectly able to run 10 km and it sure wasn’t my first run. When I got there I waited for my friends Joyce, Charlie from Charlie’s Kitchen and Dani from to arrive, when they did we got ourselves a locker and, the lockers were a bit small, but after a bit of struggling we managed to put all our stuff in there!

We met up with the rest of the Fitgirls. It was super fun to meet everybody in real life! After a bit of dancing (to keep ourselves warm) on the music, it was time for a warming up! It was a lot of fun to see everybody in the same shirt jumping up and down! When we were a bit warmer, we went to the start! I decided to start together with Charlie and Dani, because I had to run a bit slower for my shins and because it’s more fun to run together!

And I actually really enjoyed myself during the run, because Charlie and I weren’t running for a PR, we got to really enjoy our surroundings. Amsterdam is beautiful by night, all the lights, a swarm of women in light orange shirts on the other side of the canal, people supporting everybody with music, smiles and high-fives.. We were running with smiles on our faces. And best of all, Dani did run a PR, so we were super happy for her too!

When we finished in the stadium, there were so many people there cheering for everybody, it was amazing. We got a delicious frozen yogurt with apple pie flavor, we really needed some sugar, so we enjoyed every bite! We also got a finishers bracelet, it’s really pretty and so much more fun than a regular medal.
In the end, it was a super fun race and we finished in 1 hour and 4 minutes. Definitely not a record, but that wasn’t what I was running for. I ran for the experience, and it was totally worth it! Next year I’m in again!

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