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Race report: Grachtenloop, Haarlem

Like last year, Laura and I did the Grachtenloop in Haarlem, a 10 km run through the city center of this beautiful city. I picked up Laura and together we went to the train station to hop on a train to Haarlem. We arrived pretty early, so we had enough time to find our locker and change into our running gear.

Before the start we did a short warming up and some stretching. The weather was really warm and humid, so it didn’t take long to warm up, lol!
It was very crowdy at the start, we pushed a bit forward, but not too much. We started a bit slow, we had to pass lots of people and it was very crowded. But after the first 5 km we had more space to run faster and we sure did. In the end we finished our 10 km in 54 minutes and 54 seconds, a little bit slower than last year, but we both are recovering from injuries, so I’m pretty happy about our time!

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