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Boxhop: CrossFit 075, Wormer

This month’s boxhop was one close to home. We went to Crossfit075 in Wormer. Ellen and I went there on our bicycles, so we had a pretty good warming up after a 30 minute bike ride!

When we arrived Debbie and Marlous were already there. We started with some foam rolling and stretching. Ellen and I sure needed that, we were still a bit sore from friday’s WOD. Sanne Rooijmans was our trainer that day (cool! and man, she’s muscled) and we did a pretty fun workout. I forgot to take a picture from the white board, but it contained lots of push up, pull ups, squats and double unders. The weather was super hot that day, so we were sweating all over by the end of our training.
Like every month we went to have a post workout lunch, this time at De Bataaf in Wormer, where we all had a delicious carpaccio salad and lots of water to rehydrate.

It was really fun and I’m really sorry that it takes a 30 minute bike ride to get there, because I know I wont do that in winter, otherwise I’d definitely join that box. We already decided that we’re coming back real soon.

I did take some pictures of the box:

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