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Vegan Hotspot: Moment Prague

When I was in Prague with my girl girl Lydia, she took us to Moment, a bistro with a vegan menu. I wasn’t really into eating vegan yet, but I like to try out new stuff, so we decided to go here for breakfast. We all started with a nice cup of coffee with almond milk, a perfect way to start the day!

The menu looked promising, so it was hard to pick a dish. I wanted something sweet, but all the savory stuff looked good as well. We decided we would share the pancakes and the waffles. It was really good, but it tasted the same. I think they used the same batter, with the same fruit and cashew cream. But we enjoyed our meals very much and I would definitely recommend going there for a plant based breakfast or lunch.





Slezska 2315/62, Praag 120 00, Tsjechië

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