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Review: Geurwolkje aroma diffuser

A while ago I got an email if I wanted to test out an aroma diffuser from Geurwolkje. Before I got that e-mail, I was already researching different kind of diffusers and oils, but most of them were pretty expensive. While I was surfing the Geurwolke website, the first thing I noticed were the prices. These diffusers weren’t as expensive as I’ve seen elsewhere. I chose the Sakura in white. It matches our interior. There are a lot of different types of diffusers to choose from, so there’s something for everybody!

I also chose 3 oils, spring breeze, fresh breeze and lemon. I asked them for some advice, I wanted something fresh for spring/summer and a scent against mosquitos and they advised me these.

The diffuser arrived only a few days later. I placed it on a nice spot in the middle of our living room, filled it with water and some drops of oil. Or I tried to, the bottle with oil wasn’t closed very well, so I ended op spoiling half the bottle. The living room smelled like a ‘fresh breeze’ for days without even putting the diffuser on, oops! I cleaned the diffuser and tried again, this time everything worked out fine.

The diffuser is super easy to use, plug it in for some electricity, fill up the reservoir, add some oil and push the first button to diffuse for 60 or 120 minutes or as long as there’s water to diffuse. The other button is to turn on the light. In no-time the living roomed smelled fresh and delicious.

We’ve started to love the diffuser, putting it on every day. I can’t wait to try out more oils. I already have some oil recipes in my head I want to try out.

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