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Lego Harry Potter – The Great Hall

I was eying the latest Lego Harry Potter sets for sooo long. I finally got myself my first set, The Great Hall. Now I want everything else of course. I just wanted to show you guys everything. I took step-by-step photos after finishing a bag. There are 6 bags, the instruction book and some stickers. If you’re only interested in the final build, just scroll down and have a peek.

Bag 1

The Mirror of Erised, a boat, the Basilisk, Fawks, the sorting hat and minifugures of Dumbledore, Hermione, Draco, Harry and Hedwig.

Bag 2

The base is finished! The floor, some scenery, tabled, the fireplace and even some food, nice!

Bag 3

Windows and walls, the details are beautiful!

Bag 4

Hagrid with his pink umbrella, Professor McGonagall and Susan Bones, whom I thought was Ginny at first and was confused by her Hufflepuff outfit, lol. Also added more walls and bits from the entrance.

Bag 5

Ron Weasley with Scabbers and professor Quirrel with Lord Voldemort on the back of his head. We also now have a roof over our heads and we’ve started the base of the tower with moving spiral stairs.

Bag 6

The last bag! It contains Nearly Headless Nick as a minifigure and I’ve finished the tower. I couldn’t help myself and did a little photoshoot with the finished product, so here’s the finished Great Hall for you to enjoy!

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