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Thrifty Finds: August

My parents brought me up with second hand clothing and I never really cared about it. I was always stoked when my mom found an awesome piece of clothing for less on a flee market. When I was old enough to work and make money for myself, there wasn’t any need to buy stuff second hand, but I still like to find thrifty treasures. Buying stuff second hand isn’t just to save money, it’s also good for the environment. It’s common knowledge these days, that human consumption in food or just stuff is super bad for our planet.

Okay, so this month I shopt at our local thrift store, I went to a flee market with my parents and I did some online shopping at a Dutch second hand app called United Wardrobe.

1. Harley Davidson Amsterdam shirt, mens size M, € 3,50 at the thriftstore. I have an outfit post online with it. 2. Shoeby bohemian shirt, € 2,00 at the flee market. 3. Vero Moda vest, free on the flee market (my mom already bought some items at the stall, so the woman gave me this for free, so sweet!) 4.Levi’s Original Sherpa Trucker W, € 40,00 at United Wardrobe.

This might be my favorite buy of the month, they’re about €120,- when you buy them new and in vintage shops in Amsterdam, you pay about € 60,- if not more for these. I can’t wait for the weather to be a bit colder, so I can finally wear it!

1. Sweater Jurk, The Sting, € 5,00 at the flee market. 2. Gaastra Sports knitted sweater, € 5,00 at the flee market (it’s new, it still had the price tags on it!)

I was looking for a nice solution for Zoey’s little books. Right now they’re on a pile on our cabinets and it’s super messy. I had this magazine rack in my head, so I went to one of our local thrift shops and found this gem for only € 3,-. I’m planning on sanding it and paint it dark green to match our interior. I will make a blogpost about that soon!

I also bought this Vans on United Wardrobe. When they arrived I saw they were as good as new. Even the little stickers inside the shoes were intact. They fit me perfectly, so I’m very happy with it. I payed € 20,- for these.

As you can see, I bought a lot of stuff this month and I’m ready for fall to arrive, lol. I’ve already planned some vintage shopping trips in September, so hopefully that thrifting month will be as succesful as this one!

Do you ever go thrift shopping? I would like to know your favorite place to go and what’s your favorite thrifty find so far?

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