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DIY: Framed Instagrams

For years I’ve been addicted to Instagram and there are many photos on my account @daintydream. Through a Dutch website I ordered little square pictures (about 3″) from my Instagram feed. I found a big frame at Ikea where I wanted to display them in. Do you want to make one yourself? Make sure to click that read more button and get to work!


  • A big frame with passe partout
  • Thin washi tape (1/4″)
  • Glue (I used Aleen’s Tacky Glue)
  • Ruler



  1. Put the photos you want to use on your frame and measure how many photos you’ll need, pick out your favorites!
  2. I used the back of the frame as a base because of the crafty color, but you can also use a piece of cardstock in any color you like in the right size for your frame. Measure out the vertical and horizontal middle and stick the washi tape all over it. As straight as possible.
  3. Use one of the photos to measure the space in between the washi tapes (see picture above). This way the spaces between the photos will be the same everywhere. Work that washi until all photographs fit on there.
  4. Divide the photos on the grid. Make sure there’s a bit of contrast between the photos next to each other, spread similar colored photos out, for a balanced look. Glue the photos on your background.
  5. When to glue has dried, pull the washi tape from the background carefully. Now they’re all neatly on the background, evenly spaced.
  6. Use some decorative washi on some of the pictures for a playful effect.
  7. Put the frame back together and you’re done!




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  • Reply Marscha Pfennings Friday June 3rd, 2016

    Wat een leuk idee! heb de foto’s net ook zo klein besteld 🙂 Kun je mij misschien doorgeven welke maat lijst jij hebt gebruikt?

    Groetjes Marscha

    • Reply daintydream Monday June 13th, 2016

      Het is een lijst van de Ikea van 40 x 50 cm, maar hoe groter, hoe meer erin past natuurlijk!

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